Courses (Abstract and Figurative)


The courses with oil paint or acrylic paint are suitable for beginners and advanced painters. You will learn how to mold your feelings and creativity into a painting. Accompanied by friendly instructions, you will be personally guided on how to use the materials. The courses consist of classes during the day and evening. Workshops are also offered during the weekends.


The price per 10 lessons is:

185, inclusive : all materials (i.e oil paint/acrylic paint paper/pencils, paint, refreshments)


Would you like to use a canvas instead of oil paint/acrylic paint paper, than you can buy one yourself or at the studio.


Individual paint classes


Individual paint classes offer the student the possibility to receive more personal guidance, and creates room for specializing in specific techniques or materials.

Price: in consultation


For more information:

Tel. +3145 7503702 / +316 44547333




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